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A Clearer More Positive Life Is 

Within Your Reach

White Light Psychotherapy 

with Sue Gordon

Meet Sue

Sue is a Gestalt Psychotherapist with over 20 years of clinical experience and is based in the Eastern Suburbs in Sydney.


Sue has worked within organisations specialising in resolving complex trauma and addiction issues as well as being a self- employed private practitioner. She recently migrated to Australia from the UK and is a United Kingdom Certified Practitioner (UKCP) registered psychotherapist.


Sue Counselling 5.jpg

"Sue has a rich combination of experience, wisdom and intuition. She is professional , passionate and approachable. She has a wide wealth of knowledge and she makes a real and positive difference to the lives of others. I would highly recommend Sue as a choice of therapist."

- Gaynor, UK

“I am quite sure if I had met Sue years before now I would have more tools to deal with life. Sue has been a wonderful support, skilled in her training as a therapist, understanding, caring and honest with many years of experience.”

- Barbara, Kingsford

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