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Meet Sue


Sue is a Gestalt Psychotherapist with over 20 years of clinical experience and based in the Eastern Suburbs, Sydney. Sue has worked within organisations specialising in resolving complex trauma and addiction issues as well as being a self-employed private practitioner. She recently migrated to Australia from the UK and is a UKCP registered psychotherapist.

Over the years Sue has developed an integrative approach to her work utilising a variety of theoretical concepts to inform her practice. 


Sue believes that many of our emotional and physical reactions in adult life are habitual responses that we developed in early childhood. We begin to learn how to relate to others from birth and we feel before we are able to think. Our body remembers how we are received by others and we develop patterns of relating. Therefore, the way we relate, not only to ourselves but also to others’, plays a major part in our individual development.


Sue's Approach

Sue works with each individual’s whole life experience to help them make sense of their presenting issues, develop a wider range of resources and expand their options for dealing with future life events.


In order for us to see a rainbow a combination of factors need to be present. Sometimes in life we struggle to see things clearly and find it difficult to understand what’s happening or find ways to release ourselves from ‘locked in’ emotional and behavioural patterns.  We can even suffer physical illness as a result of psychological imbalance.


As a Gestalt Psychotherapist Sue can help you to make sense of how your unique patterns have formed and work with you to discover a fuller range of options so that you can make conscious choices when faced with the inevitable challenges of life.

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